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Monday, October 22, 2012

HEAL WITH HOMEOPATHY Homeopathy is clinically effective in treating hair loss

Thirty-five-year-old Melissa (name changed), a school teacher, was diagnosed with diabetes about three years ago. She was suffering from hair loss and erratic blood sugar levels. She reported that she felt "extremely tired and exhausted throughout the day", even when she did "absolutely nothing". On case analysis, we found that emotional stress, due to certain domestic or familial problems, was the key trigger for her hair loss and diabetes. We prescribed her the homeopathic remedy, AcidPhosphoricum. After 10 to 12 months of homeopathic treatment, her hair health and blood sugar levels stabilised. 

    Hair loss is not just a cosmetic dilemma; it is essentially a medical problem. Hair is a 'barometer' of your health. While healthy hair elevates your face value and good, youthful looks, hair loss leads to reduced confidence levels. Most importantly, hair loss signifies a likely underlying illness, such as diabetes, heart disease, ovarian cysts, thyroid disorders and autoimmune diseases (e.g. lupus), much before a clinical diagnosis is established. 
    Male pattern and female pattern baldness are two most common forms of hair loss — with hair loss in the latter triggered by low iron in blood. In addition, poor nutrition, fad or crash diets and emotional 
stress can lead to hair loss. Scalp disorders like dandruff, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis (eczema) and certain medications — oral contraceptive (OC) pills, steroids or bodybuilding supplements — can 'prompt' hair loss, too. If hair loss is not appropriately treated, it can lead to complete loss of hair on the scalp (alopecia totalis). 
    Homeopathy treats not only the cause of hair loss, but also the mind-body connect. In other words, it treats the individual with hair loss as a 'whole'. A study conducted in Scotland reports that 90% of individuals 
with hair loss opted for homeopathy as the first line of treatment because it can slow down the progression of bald patches and 'fill them up' with new hair, leading to a complete recovery in most cases. Besides, we have, at our clinics, successfully treated over 250,000 hair loss patients, based on the best scientific treatment protocols. Our results confirm that professional homeopathic treatment is clinically beneficial and effective in treating hair loss without side-effects. 
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Dr Mukesh Batra



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